Take a moment to reflect on the last time you ventured out to a natural setting to watch a sunrise or sunset. This might have been near a lake, the beach, on a forest overlook, or in the open space of the desert. How did that experience make you feel? 

Experiences in the natural word and the animal kingdom are life changing in many ways. Many people head out to nature in times of trouble, when they need to recharge, or just simply clear their minds.

What if you could learn to connect, understand, & experience nature in new, inspiring ways?

Diana L Guerrero


Hello! My name is Diana. As the founder of AdvenTOURess, I specialize in providing others with unique experiences and explorations into the healing power of nature and animals.

Over time I have been given a number of monikers: author, speaker, wildlife whisperer, animal expert, nature interpreter, animal behavior & training specialist, earth etiquetter, etc. You can find my credentials & experiences in the media center.


I connect people with animals and nature, as well as with themselves and others. Participants learn skills leading to understanding.

They learn how to see through a new lens and gain clarity, insights and connections that change lives.

The best part is they become part of a community that shares similar interests.

Taking home memories, making friends and having an enjoyable time is part of the fun!

My life's work brought me here turning me from a regular visitor and traveler to a full-time resident. 

That is a unique aspect to my work that few share.

Today my work is now centered on the central coast of California on the Monterey Bay.  It is a place I now call home and one of the best decisions I've made in life.

But, it was a long disheartening journey and a near death experience that got me here as a regular visitor. Six years later, it was time to move here full-time, 

This region is unlike any other. It is an inspiring area filled with unique wildlife and unparalleled natural treasures.

People come here from all over the world to experience the stunningly beautiful scenery, to breathe in the sea air, to heal, to be inspired, and to make new discoveries about themselves, their friends and family members, as well as the world around them.

Please consider this a personal invitation to connect and work with me. (Live or Virtual!)

Whether you seek help in planning a visit, want an overview of what you may find when you get here, or perhaps desire a more in depth guided experience into the natural world or animal kingdom–I can help.

To get started follow me on social media or sign up for what works best for you, your interests and your budget.

If you are like most people, the explorations and experiences will leave you invigorated and inspired with new insights and experiences of the natural world...and much more.